Reasons Why Your Next Motorcycle Destination Needs to be Ladakh

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The world is not short of exciting place for an ardent biker to go for vacation. Certainly, you must have heard or read on many places that you keep wishing you could visit. One the places you might have heard about is Ladakh. If you have ever thought of one time making a journey to this astonishing biker’s paradise then your thoughts were on the right track. In case you have not heard or considered making this great journey you are missing more than you will ever know.

Reason why your next motorcycle destination would be Ladakh

If you ask me and other bikers with a first-hand experience of the sights, sounds and smells of Ladakh you’ll get some great answers. You will even surprise yourself with the decision you’ll take. You will be more than eager to make to shelve whatever other bike journey you had in mind and head straight to Ladakh.

It’s all not hype; there are reasons why your next motorcycle destination needs to be Ladakh and not any other. Let’s take a mental tour just to give you glimpses of what awaits you in your upcoming motor cycle tour to Leh Ladakh.

A test of endurance

If you have never pushed your body to the limit, this is a chance of a lifetime to do so. Ladakh is not your everyday terrain. For a start, you’ll have to take your body through a process of acclimatization. You don’t just jump on the bike and up you go. Mountain sickness is a real
danger that faces any person who embarks on a journey to such high altitudes. By the way this journey will take you up to incredible heights of about 18,000 ft. above sea level. Seeing how your body adjusts through this process is fun and a test of your physical fitness. In any case going up this Mountains on a bike is a better way to acclimatize than say, flying to the nearest base where you can start climbing.

this journey will take you up to incredible heights of about 18,000 ft

It’s not only your body that will face the test of endurance, Your riding skills and the bike will have to prove their worth. Just to illustrate, the Soul torture, named so due to its so-called because of its wild, unpredictable weather and the bone-jarring terrain that might often throw you
off your beloved bike. Being the rider that you are overcoming these and other exciting challenges will give you reasons to part yourself and the bike on the back.

You have to cross many high mountain passes during your journey

Excellent sights along the way

Of course, as you embark on this journey your eyes will not just be on the road ahead. Ladakh offers one of some of the most
breath-taking views you have ever come across. This Northern frontier of India has never disappointed locals and visitors alike with its fascinating natural formations and the heaven-kike ambience of Ladakh.

Manali Leh highway change its scenic view every few miles

On your way to and you will not miss out on the surreal meditative disposition of the high mountains and deep valleys along the way. The mountain streams and the abounding alpine forests break the monotony and give your soul the tranquility that only exists in this
part of the world.

Your ride will take you to a high desert plateau somewhere between China to the East and Pakistan; this is Ladakh or the land of High Passes. This mystic region is renowned for its sheer geography. The rugged mountains formed 45 million years ago and the spectacular, serene breath-taking sights experience. As if to decorate the crown of the Indian subcontinent. The landscapes of this area are embellished with sights and sound of every imaginable kind. You will hardly resist the temptation to stop and just stare in awe and take photos to remind you of what you saw in Ladakh.

Excellent local and foreign dishes

The food you will find in Ladakh is simple yet extremely delicious. International bikers, especially take delight in local foods served in the local cafes. Indulge your appetite and give your taste buds a new experience by sampling yummy foods such as Momos
which are prepared with just a hint of spices and by the way you can also find great delight in other foods including a bowl of Thukpa, which basically well-prepared soup and noodles.

Excellent Camping and accommodation opportunities

If you love spending your nights beside a campfire under the starry heavens, Ladakh gives you excellent campsite
to meet your desires. In case you are not the camping type you are still very well taken care of. Ladakh features some
of the best accommodation facilities in the region. The good thing is that there are such facilities to cater for travelers of all budget levels. Your travel guide or one of the motorcycle tour operators around here can offer you great help. They can guide you to some of the ideal camp sites to make your camping experience up there worth remembering.

Make International friends

Nothing facilitates the making of new friends faster than sharing exciting times in a foreign place. Ladakh attracts
thousands of bikers each year. This another of the reasons why your next motorcycle tour needs to be Ladakh It is hardly possible for you to be the only motorcyclist visiting this place during your next visit. The truth is you will meet and interact with adventurists from many parts of the world. Imagine what a delight it will be to make friend with fellow bikers from different countries and cultural backgrounds; who knows you might even develop a lifetime friendship right hers at Ladakh. And it’s not only other international bikers but the locals too. These people are known for their friendly and hospitable nature. Don’t be surprised if you are invited to share a meal or snack by one of the ones you meet in your escapade.

Friendly and affordable motorcycle tour operator services

As if to ice the cake, you will not be alone, at least as far as all your requirements as a motorcycle tourist to Ladakh is concerned. There are numerous motorcycle tour operator companies like us who offer services to visitors like you. Being bike enthusiasts on their own right they know and have the experience to handle any kind of motorcycle tour related problems for you.

Now, these are not the only reasons why your next motorcycle destination needs to be Ladakh but they give you a taste of the exciting experience that awaits you here. Start making your travel arrangements now, you will be forever happy that you did.

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