How to Acclimatize Properly on Ladakh Tour to Avoid AMS

Planning a trip to Ladakh or any other high altitude area? AMS is the first thing that you need to consider. Normally we ignore this factor but this should be given priority to make your trip enjoyable. With the proper knowledge you can acclimatize properly in high mountains to avoid acute mountain sickness.

How to acclimatize for Ladakh tour

Granted, flying, driving or riding directly to Ladakh might seem faster and convenient; however, that is where the trap lies. The first precaution you must take to keep mountain sickness and related conditions at bay you need to ensure you increase attitude gradually. In addition, there are other measures you must
take to ensure your body remains in excellent condition during the ride. Some of these include

Gradual Increase in the altitude

Best practice to acclimatize properly is that travel gradually keeping in mind about the altitude of the place. like sleeping at an altitude of 14000 feet from your previous sleep at 8000 feet is not good. You should give a stay at 11000 feet between this. So planning a proper itinerary can help you to acclimatize properly on Ladakh tour.

Itinerary tips for Ladakh tour to acclimatize properly

  • If you fly directly to Leh then give 24 hours rest at Leh (11000 feet). Then plan for your next destination. If possible explore near by places for 1 more day at the same altitude and then advanced for the higher altitudes like khardungla or pangong or tso moriri.
  • If you going from the Manali side then give a stay at Keylong or Jispa instead of staying directly at Sarchu. As manali is at approx 7000 feet, Keylong is at approx 10000 feet and Sarchu is at approx 14000 feet.

Keep your body rehydrated properly

Take ORS water as well as other fluids such as milk, soup, juice, and tea but avoid too much black tea or coffee. Ginger lemon honey tea is one of the famous drink in Ladakh to avoid AMS and keep your body warm. These will keep your body rehydrated. On the same note DO NOT over hydrate yourself which can lead to cerebral edema.

Over hydration is also dangerous

Over hydration is also as dangerous as dehydration. So it is not recommended as it can lead to cerebral edema.

Avoid anti-depressant drugs

smoking, alcohol, and tobacco; all these and other anti-depressants will cause respiratory problems, So avoid these at least for the first 24 hours on a new high altitude to give your body to acclimatize properly.

Carry preventive medicine

Always carry Acute Mountain Sickness (AMS) medicines and still make sure you consult your
doctor before using these drugs because of possible side effects.

Always bear in mind

if you develop AMS you must move down / descend immediately.

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