Top 6 Essential Motorcycle Gears For Ladakh Tour

Recently, Ladakh has become one of the best travel destination for motorcyclists. Every year, more and more people sets out to conquer this land of lamas. Apart from being every rider’s dream, it’s such an amazing opportunity that every biker would kill for. Whether you are a professional or an amateur, a riding trip through Ladakh is one that you’d like to do at least once in your lifetime. It’s, therefore, no surprise that most people usually repeat it year after year while trying to discover new roads. If you are a first-timer, who want to explore this place, here are some of the gears that you must have to make your riding experience one of the best.

Essential motorcycle riding gears

1. Jacket

Adventure motorcycle jacket

As a rider, it’s important to know that your safety starts with a protective jacket that feels rights and easy to wear. Since you will be on the road for a number of hours and several days, your jacket should be breathable to ensure that it remains fresh. Having an inner durable stretchable net fabric will also be ideal. Since it’s detachable, you can air it anytime of the day. A good quality jacket will not only protect you in case of a fall down but also from rough elements along the road. If you are shopping for a jacket, you need to choose water and wind resistant that are easily available in many camping stores. However, if you cannot get a water-resistant one, choose a normal one and couple it up with a raincoat that can go over it.

2. Helmet with face cover

motorcycle helmet for ladakhAlthough putting on a helmet is must, what most people don’t bother about is its maintenance. As a rider, it’s absolutely necessary to wear a face cover that resembles a balaclava. This will prevent the sweat from drying in the inside your helmet. You, therefore, needn’t take off your helmet if you want to stand and soak. Instead, you just need to slide the visor and you will still find yourself protected against the cold. The minimum that you should have as a rider is good quality helmet with clear visor. This will protect both your head and face.



3. Gloves

Motorcycle hand glovesAs compared to riding elsewhere, riding through Ladakh is quite challenging. With regular showers and cold, the weather in this place is quite unpredictable. Since there is mind-blowing cold, if you are not putting on your gloves, you will not be able to ride for a while. This means you must have a breathable and flexible gloves that will allow you to handle your motorcycle with a lot of ease. While leather gloves are decent enough most of the cheap ones allows a lot of air. Apart from gloves, you may choose to have inner sleeves so that your hands stays warm and fit in the gloves well.


4. Knee guard

Knee Guard for motorcycle riderWhen going for long rides, knee guards are absolutely important. Apart from protecting your knees from dislocating or scraping in case of a fall, they can also help you plan in a sipping or sliding episode. More so, they provide your knees with the much-needed support for long periods of time.




5. Riding pants

motorcycle outdoor riding paintAlthough this is not very important if you can get one then its okay. Good riding pants will protect you from a fall and also shield you from other elements while riding. As compared to knee guards, it offers one of the best protection. However, if you cannot afford one, ensure that you get a rain suit lower which will protect you from cold, winds, and rains which are usually responsible for most coldness.



6. Rain Wear and Gum boots

As the Himalayan weather is uncertain so you must be prepared for the rain and snow. You also have to cross the water streams which require you to Keep extra waterproof shoes / Gum boots, jacket, pant with you.

7. Mounted mobile phone holder

Although receiving or making a call through Ladakh may not be possible in certain stretches, once in a while, you will have to stop to take photos. It’s quite a picturesque place hence every turn, twist, and mountains will beckon you. While portable chargers are ideal, you need to charge them at the start of each ride which may not be possible in instances of shared accommodation, tents, or low voltages. It’s, therefore, important to have a mounted phone holder charger that will help you charge your phone while on the go.

Final thoughts

Essential motorcycle gears for Ladakh motorcycle tour for international riders usually vary depending on taste and preferences. Although a range of gears is customizable, the best thing is that they are also interchangeable. Since there is no permanent fix you can easily detach and attach them to your bike of choice. While a ride to Ladakh is quite adventurous, you need to plan sensibly when going on a tour.

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