Q. Can I bring my own motorcycle on your tour?

A. No, you simply can’t. But you can contact us for the options if their is any special case.

Q. Do I need to pay extra for the motorcycle?

A. No, you don’t have to pay extra. It is already included in the tour package.

Q. Do I need to be fit and healthy?

A. Fitness always good for the body. But it doesn’t require that much fitness. However, if you have any present medical condition, we urged you to seek doctor’s permission. Touring in Himalayas involves being at very high altitudes and acute mountain sickness can occur in few cases.

Q. I have no prior experience riding in Himalayas or riding Royal Enfield?

A. Don’t worry about that If you know riding any bike then you can easily ride here as well. We will also give you a day to get adopted with the new bike and environment. We will also guide you about the driving rules in India and Himalayas. Apart from this a tour leader will lead the group.

Q. Do I need a driving license?

A. Yes, you should have a valid driving license. It will be good if you would obtain an international driving license from your native country.

Q. What other documents will I need?

A. There are few documents which you should have with you:
– Valid Passport with valid Visa.
– Driving License or International Driving License.
– 10 Passport size Photographs.
– A valid travel insurance.

Q. Can I ride as pillion?

A. Yes, only if you bring a rider along with you. But if you are thinking of riding pillion on other motorbikes we are afraid that you can’t.

Q. Can a pillion or rider travel in a support vehicle during the tour?

A. In case of any emergency only.

Q. What are the Specifications of the motorcycle?

A. Please check the Motorcycles rental options for all Royal Enfield motorcycle specifications. Widely used motorcycles are Bullet 500cc and Himalayan 411cc. For other options please contact us.

Q. Motorcycles are they made for the tour or a cheap choice?

A. Royal Enfield bikes are made for both off road & highway riding experience. It is the best Motor bike for the Himalayan tour in India. You will know it better when you’ll ride it.

Q. Are there any chances of snow and rain?

A. Himalayan weather is very uncertain. snowfall in these areas are very unpredictable. Though Ladakh comes under rain shadow zone but lower Himalayas get lot of rainfall during monsoon season.

Q. Do I have to wear helmet?

A. Yes, you have to wear helmet every time you are on motorbike.

Q. How many motorcycles can there be in a group?

A. We don’t like large groups. There can be 8 to 12 motorcycles in a group.

Q. What is AMS?

A. AMS is acute mountain sickness. It generally occur at high altitude area with low oxygen level. Its Symptoms are Severe Headache, Dizziness, Fever and difficulty in breathing. In case of AMS person must come down to low altitude area and take rest for a day or long. Read here more about it.

Q. Does International Airfare included in the tour package

A. No, International airfare is NOT included in the price of the tour package. We have found that most clients often prefer to arrange their own flights using frequent-flyer miles and are either extending their stay in India before or after the tours.

Q. Do you provide custom tour for the groups?

A. Yes, we do provide custom tour for a group. For custom tour contact us or email us.

Q. Can any person apart from the participant riders join us on tour?

A. No person other than riders and pillions is allow to join the tour.

Q. Do I need to be pro motorcyclist?

A. No you don’t have to be pro but at least had 3 or 4 years of motorcycle ride experience. But you require a positive attitude for the tour. Overall its an adventure tour.

Q. Does rules and traffic in India different to other countries?

A. Yes, there are certain conditions which make it quite different from other places specially the “west”. First, remember that India drives on the left hand side and if you come from a right hand side drive country, then you’ll need to get acquainted to it. Second, road conditions can be classified anywhere from “ordinary” to “nasty” specially in the higher Himalayas where it’s a constant tussle between the road builders and the forces of nature. But that doesn’t deter an adventurer looking for the thrills of riding. Third, other riders on the road are a nuisance since traffic laws are lax and most people learn their driving “on the road” with hardly any or no professional training. You’ll be learning the “Indian” way of handling that too.

Q. How much risk is involved?

A. Needless to say, Motorcycle riding comes with its risks no matter which part of the world you are riding. In fact, any adventure activity has its elements of “danger” but that’s what makes it an adventure in the first place. Calculating the “risk” involved is quite difficult as it is very subjective. The higher Himalayas is one of the most difficult terrains a motorcyclist will ever come across but “an experience of a lifetime” doesn’t come without its “highs”.

Q. Do I need medical or travel insurance?

A. Adequate travel insurance is mandatory at least for the duration of your tour with us and is not included in the price of the tour. If you are a Rider or the pillion the insurance must cover riding motorcycles of 500cc.

Q. Does cost include Insurance?

A. No, the cost is excluding any kind of insurance for rider or the pillion. It just include the third party insurance of motorcycles.

Q. What if there is a medical emergency?

A.  A comprehensive medical & first aid kit (including bottled oxygen) will be with us all the time. However, for an emergency which requires hospital care, we have to rely on the nearest available medical facility in the region, under the circumstances.

Q. What about the motorcycle Insurance?

A. Please note that, our motorcycles are fully insured for third party damage only. For damage to the motorcycle itself, a deposit of $500 (If mentioned) is required before the tour departs and will be refunded in full at the completion of the tour provided no damage has occurred to the motorcycle. We have now also started an damage insurance option, so contact us for more details.

Q. Does cost includes riding safety gears?

A. No, cost exclude the safety gears (except the crash helmet). you should carry all your motorcycle gears.

Q. What type of cloths should I carry?

A. Please refer to our tour essential section. You should summer cloths as well as winter cloths. Wear cloths in Layers.

Q. What kind of safety gears should I be needed?

A. Please refer to tour essential section.

Q. Should I have to bring saddle bags?

A. No, you don’t have to do it. It is already provided in the cost. Or there will be a support vehicle where you can put your luggage. But we suggest you to carry a small bag with you to carry your personal essentials like water bottle, cameras etc. while on the way.

Q. What type of accommodation you provide?

A. Accommodation in Himalayas vary from luxury at some place to basic at some. Accommodations vary widely, but we provide always the best we can find in the area. In some places you may be staying in a comfortable Tented camps set around a lovely garden / courtyard, in others a basic tented camp. At some places where the location demands we pamper ourselves with some luxury. Our all tour are Luxury tours. We provide only highly rated accommodations.

Q. Do I have to share room?

A. All prices are of twin sharing accommodation. If you want a room belong to yourself only then you have to take single room supplement along with your package which will cost you extra.

Q. Can I extend my stay after the completion of tour?

A. Yes, you can extend your stay as long as much you want after the tour is over. It totally up to you.

Q. Does the package include food and drinks?

A. All meals and 2 mineral water bottles per person per day are included in the cost.

Q. How do I prepare for the trip or get more information of this trip?

A. Please refer our Ladakh Guide prepared for the riders. We have explained most of the things here.