About us

Extreme Tours is a dream of a motorcycle lover guy who fell in love with the great Himalayas when he traveled first time from Delhi to Leh during his College time on his 200CC motorbike . That adventure tour completely broke his motorcycle but not his spirit. After that he traveled a lot with his new Royal Enfield 500CC motorbike which is made for the adventure touring in India. He tours so much that now he is one of the those person who know almost all of the Himalayas in Himachal Pradesh, Jammu & Kashmir state. Ladakh and Spiti is his favorite places.

His name is Naveen Kumar & we all know him by his popular nick name ‘Noni’. Naveen Kumar decided to start his travel business instead of doing any engineering job after completion of his engineering degree. Now Extreme Tours India is a team of 6 experienced persons lead by Noni. Noni lead every tour himself to ensure every tourist never forget their once in a life time ride. So getting a tour leader who is passionate about motorcycle riding makes the extreme tours special.

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