Destination in Indian Himalayas are popular to travel for every kind of traveler. It is huge and offers every kind of taste for the tourists. Lower Himalaya offer green meadows, serenity and great hospitality. Manali, Shimla, Nainital are many popular destinations.

Upper Himalayas is for the adventure seekers and is mostly tribe area with very less infrastructure and facilities. Even mobile signals are not in some of those areas. So these destinations are popular among the adventurist.

Two of the famous destination in India in upper Himalayas are Ladakh & Spiti. Though Ladakh is more popular and Spiti is a less known destination.

If you are planning for your next adventure and you are in the dilemma between Spiti and Ladakh then this guide may help you.

Leh is major town and it has mostly all the facilities including internet.Kaza is the major town but have less facility then Leh. Internet is not available.
High altitude region with rain shadow.High altitude terrain with rain shadow.
Connected with air. Airport at Leh.No Airport
500 Kms. from Manali200 Kms from Manali
Roads are in good shape Bad roads means more off road adventure
Higher mountain passes, so proper acclimatization is necessary.Less high passes, so acclimatization is easy.
Unique attraction is Sand dunes at Nubra valley & double humped camel.Unique attraction is Giu mummy. A monk’s mummy.
Ladakh vs Spiti

Terrain wise, both places are almost same but each has its own beauty. So which one should you choose? Actually it depends on your priority and time availability. Though there are many variation of itineraries are available but Spiti can be done in less time normally 5 to 6 days are enough whereas Ladakh require more time normally recommended 12 to 14 days. And the same thing is for the budget.

Visit both together

Yes, it is also possible that you can do both the places in a single tour. Our 15 days Great Himalayan Motorcycle Tour include both the destinations. This itinerary is most popular for the Ladakh & Spiti bike trip.

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