Awe inspiring terrains, fantastic landscapes, lush greenery, wildlife, beautiful sand dunes and so much more that can be said to try to put in words, the beauty of this land of the royals. The unmatched heritage of Rajasthan that reflects the best of Indian culture in so many ways, makes it definitely one of the most popular tourist destinations, and if you are a biker then it’s most certainly a dream destination. Cruising through this rich land will give you an unparalleled experience.

Jodhpur, Bikaner, Jaisalmer, Udaipur, Jaipur are magnificent places, which in many ways are synonymous with how India is defined to a foreigner. The majestic architecture, rich culture, and fabulous views can make an Indian feel absolutely proud of the beauty of his country. An authentic Indian feel of the cuisine, the traditional colourful attire of beautiful Rajasthani women, the austere serenity of Ajmer and Pushkar, the fantastic wildlife of Ranthambore national park, pre-colonial era majestic palaces, ever expanding desert terrain and the majestic peaks of Mount Abu, are only some of the notable attractions of Rajasthan.

A Rajasthan tour can be a fantastic experience for any traveller. A Rajasthan tour can never cease to amaze and a Rajasthan tour can never be completely described in words. The rich diversity of this state is incomparable, the tourism industry in Rajasthan is exceptionally well developed. Around the year travellers from across the globe come to Rajasthan to understand India and leave with some of the best memories of their journey.

The age old of traditions of this state have surprisingly survived the test of time and also managed to seamlessly blend with the needs of today. Tourism has boomed in the last few decades and almost every kind of tour is available. A Rajasthan tour will give you the opportunity to choose from a multitude of options that might confuse you in the beginning. There is so much to choose from and so much you can do that one trip may not be enough. Most travellers praise the hospitality of the warm people of Rajasthan, and return again to the same places−-most feel nostalgic about their memories once they return home. Tiger safaris, wildlife safaris, Jeep safaris, elephant safaris, or a camel safari in one of the national parks can be an experience of a lifetime. Bird watching, Golf, polo and a multitude of recreational activities are available in a traveller friendly environment that is the hallmark of a Rajasthan tour.

Many palaces have now been converted to luxury hotels that give a first-hand experience of the life of Maharaja’s in Rajasthan. A Rajasthan tour offers an opportunity to see some of the oldest forts in India that have been restored and preserved better than most other states of India. Udaipur Lake palace, Samode palace, Rambagh in Jaipur are just a few of the multitude of heritage hotels that combine ancient glory with the best in modern luxury and comfort. The exotic cuisine of Rajasthan is still prepared in traditional Rajasthani style and will titillate your taste buds, the Maharaja’s were particular about their food, and a Rajasthan tour might offer you a chance to experience some of the best of Indian cuisine.

Temples of Sirohi, Buddhist caves of Binnayaga, Jain temples of Ranakpur, Srinathji temple of Udaipur and many more temples and holy places are an important pilgrimage destination as well as a tourist attraction for travellers. A must see, as the unique splendid architecture, meticulous workmanship, and grand spectacular monuments are spread across the landscape. A Rajasthan tour also offers a splendid opportunity to organize a Bike tour. Bikers have always enjoyed the state in its true colours by taking the highways and small roads to discover the core of this mystical land. An exceptionally popular destination among bikers, a Rajasthan tour on a bullet is a great idea! Highly recommended by travel enthusiasts. The photogenic landscape simply fills you with joy, the immense beauty is well captured by photographers, yet no picture can justify the majesty of this land of kings and warriors.

If you have been thinking about discovering India in its essence, a Rajasthan tour could be a great Idea! The number of places to visit and things to do are so many in number that I could not describe them all for now; I do hope you get a chance to see this majestic place at least once and if you are adventurous enough to plan a bike journey this might the perfect journey. A Rajasthan tour cruising on a 500cc Royal Enfield is a dream come true!

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