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Himalayas or Himalaya is known for its highest peaks.  This mountain range has spread to many countries which includes India, China, Nepal, Bhutan etc. Its high mountain passes attracts riders from all over the world. Many of its destinations has emerged for motorcycle touring.

Himalayan Motorcycle Tours

Find below tour packages with planned itineraries for the Himalayan motorcycle tours in Ladakh and Spiti regions. These are two special destination in Indian Himalayas which attracts international riders.

Explore Himalaya on Royal Infield Himalayan motorcycle!

Extreme Spiti Ladakh Moto Voyage

Duration: 12 Days | Price: $2999

Overview This Extreme Spiti Ladakh Moto Voyage is specially designed for the people who wants to cover Spiti and…

Classic Himalayan Raid

Duration: 10 Days | Price: $2199

Overview When it comes to motorcycle raids in Asia, Ladakh raid is regarded as the best and that exactly a Classic…

Ladakh Motorcycle Expedition 2019

Duration: 14 Days | Price: $2900

It is the common route chosen by most of the riders. This two weeks tour for Ladakh expedition is neither too…

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