A great adventure in Himalayas – Himalayan bike tour

Nestled in the Trans-Himalayan region in Northern India, Leh – Ladakh has slowly but surely become a popular destination among bike riders. A motorcycle ride through Manali Leh highway is one of the best adventure for bikers. Experience the Himalayan,  Tibetan & Ladakhi culture during this trip. The high altitude mountain passes and unique terrains are the major allure of this remote place. With thousands of people setting out to conquer this ‘land of Lamas‘ on two wheels.

Sometimes back, only the people who were ready for heavy adventures made their way to Leh. In fact, only foreigners dared to tour the Himalayas. However, given the advancement in terms of information and infrastructure and the positive marketing reports from the government and private investors, tourism starts to increase in this remote region.

Owing to publicity measures, even the Indians have begun to have faith regarding the safety of the bike tour in Leh Ladakh. In fact, for the last three years or so, there has been increased demand for bike tours to Ladakh among foreigners and even the local inhabitants. This location become the dream of true motorbike riders.

Great adventure in Himalyas | Motorcycle tour to ladakh

Leh is a stunning green oasis on a rather desolate area, and it is the capital of Ladakh. In addition, Leh is full of business activities where the shouts from the market people and overcrowding of any other Indian market manifest itself. During the tour, the riders come across countless striking Buddhist Gompas along the route. On this road trip, the riders also pass by some small local villages that lie below the snow-coated Himalayan Mountains.

1. Make the right choice of a bike for Himalayan motorcycle tours.

Way to Ladakh is full of bad patches of about 350 to 400 km (these days roads are more smooth) and yet there is absolutely no human settlement. That means it would be difficult for one to get help in case the bike breaks down. Therefore, it is critical for one to choose the right motorcycle since it shall be one’s companion for a few days. In that case, the most appropriate bike for this kind of terrain is the Royal Enfield 500. This bike has maximum power to pull through rough patches and high passes while carrying the rider’s weight for the Himalayan adventure.

2. Prepare the bike for the tour

On this tour you have to roam for approximately 3000 kms. Therefore, the bike has to be up to date to enable it to handle the pressures. Prior to the ride, one can take the motorbike to a qualified specialist for inspection. Carrying extra spares for the bike will be a great help in the remote area.

Essential motorcycle gears

3. Pack necessary items and documents

Himalayas is a rather cold place especially during the night. A rider has to pack adequate clothing and other equipment. In addition, a rider should carry the necessary identification documents since there are various check points with tight security along the way. For international riders international driving license is necessary. You need to keep multiple photo copies of the documents.

Essential information for bike trip to ladakh

4. Travel in groups

It is recommended that riders travel in groups as this provides a sense of security. One is guaranteed that there is another person watching over the other. Alternatively, one can join the fixed tour departures organized by the tour operators who arrange Ladakh bike tours / raids / expeditions time to time. Check the Fixed departures scheduled by Extreme Tours. 

Indeed, motorcycle riding in Ladakh provides a spectacular experience for participants as they pass through the world’s tallest mountains. In fact, a number of tourists who visit India are compelled to attempt the high altitude ride that is among the most spectacular motorbike rides globally. This motorcycle tour offers unlimited fun and challenge as one crosses some breathtaking passes such as the Khardung La Pass that is at the height of 18,370 ft, the Baralachala Pass at 4,892 m, the Lachungla Pass at 5,065 m and the Tanglangla Pass which is the highest pass on this circuit at 5,360 m.

Undoubtedly, a bike trip to Ladakh is an ultimate challenge for adventure seekers. Ladakh’s high altitude, its harsh climate, its rough terrain and the narrow roads make the ride tricky but interesting.

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