Ladakh is an adventure tourism destination in India. Specially it is famous for motorcycle adventure. Elevation of ladakh varies from 11000 feet to 18000 feet. Its main administrative city is Leh, where the nearest airport situated to reach this region via flight. It is the one of the most special adventure destinations in the Himalayas.

Climate & weather

Here the environment is pristine and influences from the rest of the world. It is known as the cold desert. In winter temperature go up to -40 degree Celsius and even in summer it can go subzero in the night.

Best time to visit

Best time to visit Ladakh is in the summer from June to September when roads get opened. Ladakh roads remain closed from October to May due to heavy snowfall on the mountain passes.

How to reach

To reach Ladakh by road there are 2 routes. First via Srinagar and second via Manali from New Delhi.

New Delhi airport is the nearest international airport and Leh airport in Ladakh is the nearest domestic airport to reach via air.


In this remote mountainous region the Tibetan culture thrives in much the same way that it has for centuries. Ladakh has its own Ladakhi culture but it is almost similar to the Tibetan culture. Though people of many religions live together their but majority of people believe in Buddhism.


In Leh city you can almost taste every type of cuisine from local to continental. You can find many bakeries and restaurants serving Indian, chinese, Tibetan, French, Italian, American and even Korean foods. In remote villages there are selected options like bread omelette, noodles, Rice and lentil (Dal) with veggies etc.

Health & AMS

When you visit to a high altitude area, you must have to know about the AMS (Acute mountain sickness). Please read more about AMS here.

Motorcycle Adventure

Here you can ride motorcycle into one of the world’s last untouched areas and also one of the highest motor-able road of the world that will leave an ever lasting mark on your memory.

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Ladakh Tours

To prepare for the Ladakh tour it is advisable to consult an experienced person or talk to a tour operator as due to disputed international border there are many restricted areas and required special inner line permits to visit there. Also it is necessary to research about Ladakh before go there. When you research please note people write different spellings for Ladakh like ladac, laddahck, ladak, laddak, laduk, ladach etc. Research on the Itinerary according to what you want to do and which places you want to visit in Ladakh.

Ladakh Tours

Places to visit in Ladakh

Below are some of the attractions you can visit during your Ladakh trip.

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